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Project Management Training Podcasts

Mar 21, 2013

Parallel Project Training is all about opening up training to the people who couldn’t access it before. We do that by using lots of modern media so that people can learn in much more effective ways. For example, putting material on iTunes, making podcasts, publishing books – a few years ago if you wanted to do a 

Mar 21, 2013

Many people taking the APMP get confused between success factors, success criteria and KPIs. The jargon is very similar but the understanding the difference between them is not just important for passing the APMP exam. In this video we explain these terms using the simple story of a birthday cake. 

Project Success...

Mar 17, 2013

One area people struggle with in the APMP exam is project governance. However sad bet can help you remember this topic.

Senior Management have a responsibility for governance.

Accountability needs to be defined for governance.

Disclosure of information about the project must be open and honest

Business case must be in...